Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sequins and Autumn Sun

I. adore. sequins.

But how does one wear sequins on a normal day, with no promise of a fancy event to go to? The simple solution: You dress them down. I took these gorgeous gray and silver embellished scallop hemline shorts (and made them winter wear-able, another plus) by throwing them together with a pair of black opaque tights, and a gray sweater, that I've messily tucked in. Easy and chic! Not to mention, glamourous!

Another addition to my outfit is this coat!! This warm, cozy coat has become my new favorite staple this season. It has the appearance of an oversized men's sports coat, but the cut is just feminine enough. And it also has secret pockets on the inside :) If there's anything I love more than sequins, it's pockets. I like to have my pockets.

stay glamourous xo


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