Friday, November 6, 2015

Desi Girl

Hi lovelies :)

I got to play dress up in these gorgeous creations by Kaamdani couture! Check out the store owned by the super awesome Marriam Shah. Not only is she an absolute sweetheart but she provides excellent and quick customer service and makes sure you find exactly what you're looking for and leave satisfied with your purchases!  Kaamdani Couture features a huge selection and variety of clothing to meet all of your everyday, party, eid celebration, bridal and wedding needs!! You won't need to shop anywhere else, nor will you want to!

To buy the stunning suits featured in this post or to browse others please check out Kaamdani Couture on Facebook, etsy, or ebay @KaamdaniCouture

Stay glamourous xo

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I don't want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Outfit of the day. ..Well more like shoes of the day, this post is all about these beauty leopard booties.

Leopard Ankle Booties: Asos
Destroyed White Skinnies: Abercrombie & Fitch
Black Gold Studded Blouse: Francesca's
Statement Necklace: J.Crew

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Favorites

November Favorites

Beverly Hills Charm butterfly earrings / Essie nail polish / Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato, 1 pt / Twinings herbal tea / Taylor Swift 1989 (Deluxe Edition) Target Exclusive

From left to right:

1.) Taylor Swift's newest album 1989 has been on repeat! It's strange but Taylor's music is always able to bring me back to the autumn of the year the album was released. I love how she is able to paint pictures with her lyrics, and somehow she is always able to write the soundtrack for my life concurrently with what I am going through. For instance, the song Welcome To New York, fits in for me perfectly as this was the year that my wildest dream of moving to this beautiful city came true. I'm a sucker for the sad songs, so if I had to choose just one, my favorite off this album is probably the song: Clean.

2.) I started drinking Chamomile Tea this month. Not only does it have so many health benefits, which you can read up on here but it tastes yummy and is able to help you sleep better! I drink a cup mixed with a spoon of honey (for sweetener) right before bed, and I've been able to sleep soundly! I've also been having crazy awesome, vivid dreams (which i think is just a fringe benefit!) 

3.) Okay, so confession time, I saw Rosamund Pike wearing Black Diamond Stud Earrings in the brilliant movie Gone Girl, and I had just had to have them! I'm sure the ones that Miss Pike was wearing in the film were thousands of dollars, so I found a cheaper alternative! And they're so pretty!! I've been wearing them pretty everyday.

4.) I got this Coat that mimics a men's oversized sports blazer from Urban Outfitters. It's been perfect for this cool fall days for me to wear on my walks to campus. For more information on it, read my post here

5.) Black nails are always fashion forward! I've been using Essie's Licorice to not only create black matte french tip look, but also for designs such as geometric nails. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this polish! And especially because Black is one of my favorite colors! Check out some of my nail designs, on my instagram page: here

6.) Okay so I just discovered Coffee flavored Ice Cream, in the form of Talenti Gelato. and suffice to say, it is delicious!! I don't know how I was without it for 22 years. I've only become a coffee fan a year ago (read up on my dive into the coffee world here) So i'm still always finding new coffee flavored foods that I enjoy, and what could be better than coffee and chocolate?

What have been some of you favorite items this month? I'd love to know :)

Stay glamorous,
Paras xo

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Princesses in Plaid

This week's fashion inspiration is from the one and only, and always glamourous: Kate Middleton.

Miss Middleton is wearing a plaid skirt, with a black turtleneck and blazer, touched off with boots and tights. I add my own style to this ever classic outfit, by wearing a black and white bow collar blouse under a black blazer, and instead of boots: knee socks and booties! (knee socks are Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkey's, approved ;) ) how do you wear the plaid skirt?

Fun Fact: these pictures are taken at the Pratt Institute Library (Brooklyn's first public library) and the stacks are made with glass floors designed by Tiffany and Co!! How much more glamourous can a library get?

stay glamourous xo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sequins and Autumn Sun

I. adore. sequins.

But how does one wear sequins on a normal day, with no promise of a fancy event to go to? The simple solution: You dress them down. I took these gorgeous gray and silver embellished scallop hemline shorts (and made them winter wear-able, another plus) by throwing them together with a pair of black opaque tights, and a gray sweater, that I've messily tucked in. Easy and chic! Not to mention, glamourous!

Another addition to my outfit is this coat!! This warm, cozy coat has become my new favorite staple this season. It has the appearance of an oversized men's sports coat, but the cut is just feminine enough. And it also has secret pockets on the inside :) If there's anything I love more than sequins, it's pockets. I like to have my pockets.

stay glamourous xo

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Feet

Happy, lovely fall!

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes (and the only flats I ever wear, I love my heels! ;)

My social media flats are perfect to wear on lazy days, when I'm just headed to class or spending the day in the library: classic, easy and chic! And I love the character they are able to portray, perfect for my personality!

-Stay Glamorous xo

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."

Foundation, became a everyday necessity for me during my freshmen year of college.
I started to feel all around more put together, when my face was done up: with all the blemishes and pimples hidden. So of course, this was the perfect reason to buy more makeup! I started experimenting, with the many different kinds of foundations, concealers, and bb creams out there.

My favorites would include: L'Oreal magic nude, Laura Mercier's tinted foundation, Estee Lauder double wear light, and Makeup Forever HD foundation.

That, is until I discovered: Inika.

So. there's nothing wrong with wearing make-up. You do whatever it is that makes you feel most beautiful. What I was finding troublesome, however, was that I was putting chemicals on my face on a daily basis. This means that my skin isn't breathing, and I'm not letting any acne that appears, heal. This would also, ultimately lead to my skin aging at a faster rate too. (wrinkles, ahhh).

And I am not at that point in my life where I want to be completely makeup free, the best solution I found to this conundrum of mine was switching over to the makeup line Inika.

It is a game changer.

I went to the Birchbox store in Soho, and the girls working there were super helpful and they introduced me to this company, that prior to, I hadn't heard of. I ended up walking out of the store with the Inika face in a box, starter kit that includes: primer, concealer, liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation, and bronzer (along with a kabuki and contour brush)

Half of the INIKA product range is Certified Organic, the other half comprises of 100% pure mineral makeup. All INIKA products are Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free.

You really can't ask for more more from a makeup company, and not to mention that the prices are affordable. I was so impressed with the starter kit, I went back and purchased a full size liquid foundation(since its time for cold weather, and my skin will be drier).

Ever since I switched over and altered my makeup routine to use only Inika products, my skin has improved so much, and it has stopped acting up as much as it used to.

In addition to all of this, the products have amazing staying power. I can go all day without a touchup, and my skin looks like it's glowing and healthy.

If you are looking for a way to wear makeup with minimal damage to your skin, I completely recommend Inika!!! Check out their website for more information here

To sum up how I feel about makeup? I'll leave you with a quote from Dita Von Teese!

"A lot of guys have that thing, like: 'I like you with no make up on. I like you natural.' And I get that, and I am that way, but it's really about, like.. You can't dictate to a woman what should make her feel sexy."

--stay glamorous!
xo paras

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