Thursday, November 14, 2013

When I Walked Around My House Wearing Your Sky Blue Lacoste and My Knee Socks

One of my: favorite, can't-go-wrong, timelessly-stylish accessories are….. knee socks.

This is one trend, that has been around, and is likely to stick around.

I classify knee socks into 3 lengths: 1.) knee socks 2.) over the knee socks and 3.) thigh highs

1.) Knee socks
This length hits right below the knee. Perfect for the outfits where you're looking to transition from summer to fall clothes.
Knee Socks

2.) Over the Knee Socks
I like this length best. My pick to wear them is always with skirts, especially this season with the latest trend of skater skirts.

3.) Thigh Highs
These are cute to wear during the winter months, where you don't really want skin showing. Another plus to getting this length is that you can also roll them down (fold them over, scrunch them) so that they leave a gap between your skirt/dress if need be.

If you want to try out a pair of knee socks, nows the time to do it! They can be found, everywhere: target, kohl's, wal-mart, urban outfitters.

P.S. another reason (as if you needed one) to love knee socks? Sexy rock indie band, the Arctic Monkeys have a song called knee socks. Said to be written about fabulous 'It' Girl, Alexa Chung. Check out the song here!

Stay Glamourous! xo


Lauren Scorzafava said...

The first ones are my fav!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls

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