Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have never been a coffee fan. When it gets cold outside, that always means hot chocolate season for me. But this year, that changed. I guess it all started with my need to get some caffeine into my system (i'm in my last semester of college, and i'm not sleeping much,) and coffee seems to be a necessity for everyone around. So when I was drinking my delicious cup of hot chocolate I was sitting there wondering what coffee would taste like mixed with hot chocolate. Thus, began my newest obsession.  I now know that the coffee addiction is real. Very real. I never understood the fascination with lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, ect., until now.

There are so many types of coffee out there and so many combinations, it's a little overwhelming. Especially for a coffee novice like me. I've definitely got a lot of experimenting to do!

What's your favorite way to drink your cup of joe? Give me ideas for what I should try next!


Layla-Tal Medina said...

The peppermint mocha has always been my favourite. Back when I was still in law school (am currently on a hiatus), I would wait for November to start because that's when I would able to drink that beverage. Preferably, hot, to give the peppermint a bit of zing. Enjoy! :)

Saw your blog through your Tumblr, which I am following (I am labour-and-prayer, by the way), and I decided to check your blog out. Feel free to visit my blog! :)


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